Giving Back


I love writing. My children’s series, Tales From Pelican Cove, has opened up the world of nature and the spectacular shorebirds of Florida and beyond, for me. Country Dairy: A Week With Hinie and Ellen, and the memoir of my mother, In the Garden, were labors of love and are works dear to my heart. I feel blessed to have a second career that is so enriching and exciting.

In an effort to give something back to others, I collaborate with community groups and charitable organizations to use my books with adults and children to instill a love of reading and learning and to motivate them to read. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. READ Muskegon uses my books in their literacy program to motivate adults who want to learn to read to their children and/or grandchildren. My books, geared to a beginning reading level, are easy reading material, but they are also interesting for adults and thus a perfect tool for teaching them to read.
  2. The Oceana County Children’s Christmas Project purchased my Country Dairy book to include in their children’s gift packages.

For any such charitable cause, I will make my books available at an affordable cost.

You can help. If you know of an organization that might be interested in using my books as gifts for children and adults to instill a love and joy of reading or as tools to motivate them to read, please have them contact me: janhasselbring@yahoocom or 616-402-0961.

Together we can make a difference in someone’s life.