At The Risk Of Sounding Unimaginative…

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

Oscar Wilde

At the risk of sounding unimaginative, “It’s a windy day, the water’s white with spray, and if this wind keeps up, the world might blow away.”(Poet unknown) And, at the risk of sounding blustery, I will report that Maggie May and I braved the bluster of Lake Michigan today.

Unlike the peaceful tranquility of summer, captured here on canvas by artist Jon McDonald, the waves hurtled and churned ashore. Overhead a swirl of red-shouldered hawks were soaring on the wing. “…and He will raise you up on eagles’ wings…” A cardinal sang a full throated melody. “…His eye is on the sparrow…” Oh, to fly like a bird and be free. Oh, to trill away with utter abandon.

Woof, woof. OK Maggie…

With my feet back on the ground, Maggie and I headed home, but here in the refuge of my house, I want you to know, part of me is still out there soaring with the hawks and singing with the cardinal.

Wherever you are, on this blustery day, I hope you take time to soar and sing. That’s pretty wild, I know. But unimaginative? What do you think, Mr. Wilde?


My latest book, Presley’s First Day of Fishing, off the press this week, is the fourth book in my Tales From Pelican Cove series, portraying nature and the spectacular shorebirds of Florida and beyond.  Presley is a juvenile brown pelly out fishing for the first time all by myself!  The story is a heartwarming educational and entertaining tale about Presley and a laughing gull that steals his first fish.  I learned many things about pellies that I didn’t know before writing this book.  For instance, did you know that brown pelicans are different from white pelicans because they dive and scoop their fish, while white pellies herd the fish into an area and then fan them to the surface where they are easily caught and eaten.  Also I learned that pelicans like Presley twist their bodies just before they sploosh into the water – Presley forgot to twist the first time he dove and ended up in a bellyflop that hurt him and his pride.  Presley is available at or at my website  “I love the house where you live, O Lord; the place where your glory dwells.”  Psalm 26:8