Tales from Pelican Cove Series

Come along on a journey to Pelican Cove and learn about the birds and plant life that inhabit this wonderful place.

New!  Meet Ruddy and his fellow turnstones.  Guided only by the stars, the moon, little crystals in their brains, polarized light, landmarks, and a keen sense of smell, they will fly from Patagonia, their winter home, to the Arctic mudflats, approximately 9000 miles.  Follow this brave band of feathered “guided missiles” as they fling themselves into the air and start flapping.


Janet’s Tales books are endorsed by Save Our Seabirds (SOS) Inc., a totally nonprofit organization in Sarasota, Florida, dedicated to rescuing injured native and migratory birds promptly, treating their injuries and releasing rehabilitated birds back into the environment.

“Jan’s books have many interesting facts about birds and she shares the facts and the stories in an animated and enchanting way, involving the readers and listeners through the clever artwork and prose.”

Joanne Lize, Youth Librarian, Venice Public Library, Venice, FL


Country Dairy

Country Dairy

A week with Henry and Ellen Van Gunst, describes life on the family farm in the 1930’s when the author’s parents lived and worked on the land that is now Country Dairy.


In The GardenInTheGarden

In the Garden, is a testimony to the power of faith and surrender to Godʼs will. The author recounts the story of her mother Ellen, who, during times of suffering and loss, met her Lord ʻʻin the garden,ˮ and asked, ʻʻWhat would You have me do, Lord?ˮ Putting down roots with her husband, Henry, on a small farm, in western Michigan (now the site of Country Dairy), Ellen found the where and wherefore of Godʼs plan for her life. There, on the farm, in the house on the hill, this ordinary woman surrendered her life to the will of her God. The author realizes that the secret of her motherʼs extraordinary life and her peaceful and victorious death was the fact that, ʻʻshe died before she died.ˮ

If youʼre looking for an interesting and inspirational idea for a womenʼs bible study, book club, retreat, informal get together or larger group, consider In the Garden. Along with a review/discussion of her motherʼs extraordinary story, the author will examine the genre of memoir and the unique challenges of writing personal story.

“Jan Hasselbring is a wonderful storyteller! When you’re “in the gardenˮ with Jan’s mother and God, their conversations could easily be your own. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit out on the front porch and get ready to be inspired by the story of this remarkable follower of Jesus.ˮ
– Clare De Graaf, author of The 10 Second Rule