Adult Group Presentations

If you’re looking for an interesting and inspirational idea for a bible study, book club, retreat, informal get together or larger group, consider inviting Jan to share from her stories and experiences. She has three different presentations so you can choose the topic that will be the most interesting and appropriate for your group!

  • In the Garden memoir review

    Along with a review/discussion of her mother’s extraordinary story, Janet will examine the genre of memoir and the unique challenges of writing personal story.

  • “Janet is a wonderful storyteller!  When you’re “in the garden” with Janet’s mother and God, their conversations could easily be your own.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit out on the front porch and get ready to be inspired by the story of this remarkable follower of Jesus.”  Clare De Graf, author of The 10 Second Rule
  • “Things with Feathers” I: Tales from Pelican Cove

    Janet will present the stories and inspiration behind her series of children’s books, the interesting facts she learned about the birds in her books and the amazing connections she has enjoyed through her writing. Listeners will be fascinated to learn how encounters with birds from Florida and beyond led to the stories of Jan’s books.

  • “Things with Feathers that Migrate” II: Ruddy: Living on the Wind”

    .     Imagine you’re heading home to northern Maine from a vacation in Argentina.  Yikes!  Suddenly the world shuts down.  You have no technological devices (don’t panic – I said “imagine”). You have no GPS, no maps, no road signs, no one to help you navigate. It’s just you, your neurons, your instincts, your genome. What are your chances of finding the way home?

  •       A feat, impossible for humans, seems embedded in a bird’s genes. Guided only by the stars, the moon, little crystals in their brains, polarized light, landmarks, and a keen sense of smell, these long distance fliers travel thousands of miles each year, chasing summer.  Through photos and story, Jan will share the miracle of migration through the story of Ruddy,* a turnstone, who is heading home to the Arctic mudflats, from his winter home in Patagonia – a distance of 9000 miles. Ruddy and his fellows are leapfrogging up the Atlantic coast about now, and will be stopping here at Pelican Cove, to say hi, get a drink of water, and gorge on crabs and fish, before heading off to Delaware Bay, the next stop on their journey north.Hawks, exhaustion, dehydration, disease, satellite towers, storms, lack of feeding grounds – all pose dangers to migratory birds.  This annual global hopscotch reveals more vividly than any other aspect of birds’ lives, the duality of migration and the way humanity’s mounting pressures are affecting birds and the habitats/feeding grounds so vital to their survival.

    *Ruddy: Living on the Wind is Book 6 in Jan’s Tales from Pelican Cove series, and salutes the Migratory Bird Act of 1916 – over 100 years of protected flight. Jan’s books, portray the wild/shorebirds of Florida and beyond.  They are educational, entertaining and beautifully illustrated and will be available for signing.

Fee is negotiable and can be discussed.. Books will be made available for purchase.

Janet’s presentation on her book In the Garden was very well received by our residents here at Oak Crest in our Independent Living setting. The audience related to her stories and appreciated her Christian insights. I would recommend Janet Hasselbring and her presentation to other senior groups.

Kathy Knight, Villa Coordinator, Oak Crest of Spring Lake

Jan’s presentation is powerful, faith-filled and moves the audience to contemplate the deciding moments in their own lives. And more importantly it inspires through the example of Jan’s mother’s faith in Christ and a personal assessment of one’s own faith!

Jeff Andrini, Faith Formation Director St Patrick’s/St. Anthony’s churches, Grand Haven, MI