Meet Maggie May of Rod Stewart fame.  My yellow lab of 12 years, Maximus Aurileus, died last summer.  We buried him in the backyard and placed a stone over his gravesite.  The tears I shed over his loss would fill buckets.  All fall and winter,  my husband and I deliberated whether or not to get another dog.  I just knew that I had one more dog in me.  In May my husband and I brought Maggie May, a Welsh terrier pup into our lives.  She is a bundle of joy.  The first day we had her, she raced around the back yard in pure abandon, coming to rest finally atop Max’s gravesite, where she sat, out of breath and panting. It seemed she was laughing and in spite of myself, I couldn’t help but laugh along with her in the pure joy and poignancy of the moment.  It was then I knew that all would be well.  I’d been carrying around my grief over Max’s death long enough.  While I will never forget him, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed.  I knew Max would agree that it was time to move on. So, with Max’s blessing, here we go, Maggie May.  And, I know it will be a great joyous ride.    


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