I Love Quirks

I love quirks!  That’s because I have so many. I think quirks keep life interesting.  I tell my husband that if you don’t have quirks you must be a dull person.  He’s not so sure…. Wouldn’t you know he’s a CPA – a business person who likes things neat and orderly – how he married me is a mystery.  For starters, my life is a sequence of piles.  As hard as I try, they keep accumulating all over the house.  Filing cabinets and systems are not useful to me. I like my stuff out in the open not stored away out of sight – because out of sight is out of mind and if I can’t see my stuff, I might forget about it.  The thing is, I can always find what I’m looking for.  That’s because I alphabetize my piles from top to bottom.  Also interesting(quirky)is how I can be talking with someone and flit from one topic to another – it’s the way my brain is wired and it takes a fair amount of talent.  Now, my children have learned to follow me from one subject to another (remember there are no transitions or segways to help), but my husband just can’t keep up with me and it rattles him.  Funny, how I know exactly where I am in our conversation and he’s hopelessly lost.  And, then there’s the issue of time.  He feels a need to be on time, but every time we’re scheduled to be somewhere, I get this energy burst(like I felt on the day I delivered my babies) and bustle about doing little odd jobs around the house or running errands on the way to our destination.  I think it’s a waste of time to be early – to be fashionably late is my way – it’s well, fashionable. There are more, but you get the idea.  I write a children’s series called, Tales From Pelican Cove, portraying nature and shorebirds from Florida and beyond.  I think I find birds interesting, because in the research for my books, I’ve discovered they have quirks too!  Kindred spirits!  In my new book, Presley’s First Day of Fishing, coming out this week, Presley a young brown pelly, puts a little twist into his dive that’s very cool.  In another book, Baldwin, a bald eagle steals fish from an osprey and the osprey, called Ossie, after catching a fish, turns it around in his talons to make his flight home more aerodynamic.  It’s fascinating!  Laughing gulls sit on pelicans’ heads attempting to steal their fish and blue wing teals can spring into flight from a standstill.  Birds, called dabblers upend with tails in the air and nibble off the bottom of a cove or pond.  One day, I noticed a male night heron return home to his shebird with a twig in his beak, where he transferred it to his shebird whereupon she stuffed it down into a pile – did you get that – a pile of twigs that had the makings of a nest.  I’ve also noted that birds flit about – yes, flit and they are very busy and energetic.  I’ve pointed out these notable traits to my husband. He’s not impressed and doesn’t see the relevance to my life at all.  No matter. Welsh terriers are a rare breed, I remind him and I need to write my sister.  Why?  You know she had shoulder surgery yesterday.  Let’s see now, in which pile did I put her address? 

        “I love the house where you live, O Lord; the place where your glory dwells.”  Psalm 26:8


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